Who is Caleffi?

Caleffi Hydronic Solutions is a manufacturer of innovative products for heating, cooling, plumbing and process works applications. Caleffi’s expertise is the control of temperature, pressure and flow of water-based fluids. Serving the market for over half a century, Caleffi now has multiple businesses, over 1,000 employees and 3 manufacturing locations.

Dan Davis Sales is a manufacturers sales representative for Caleffi Hydronic Solutions, with products ranging from control valves, balancing devices and flow switches to zone relays and heat meters.

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US -Milwaukee, WI
Global -Viadana, Italy

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Featured Products

LEGIOMIX® Electronic Mixing Valve

Electronic mixing valve with optional selectable programs for thermal disinfection of hot water recirculation systems to kill Legionella bacteria.

DirtMag Pro / Gold Standard Kit

Caleffi’s Gold Standard Kit is a new, simple-to-order code number that contains a matching DISCAL air separator and a DIRTMAG PRO magnetic dirt separator in one box

Pressure Reducing Valves (PRV)

Pressure reducing valves are devices which, when installed on a private plumbing system, reduce and stabilise the inlet pressure from the water mains

AngleMix / Tank Mixer

The Caleffi AngleMix™ 520 series thermostatic mixing valve is used in systems producing domestic hot water and easily mounts to the top of water heaters.

Zone Controls

Multi-zone pump and boiler operating control for multiple zone hydronic heating systems. 

Hydraulic Separators

A hydraulic separator reduces flow velocity, in the vessel, which allows for two secondary functions – air removal and dirt removal – in one device.

Press Zone Valves

Zone valves are used to automatically shut-off the flow or redirect hot and chilled water in hydronic heating and air conditioning systems


Pre-assembled radiant manifold consisting of return distribution manifold complete with built-in shut-off valves


Adjustable thermal balancing valve for domestic hot water recirculation circuits. 
Body has section for thermal disinfection catridge retrofit.

Heat Metering

CONTECA™ is a direct heat meter for instantaneous measuring and recording of thermal energy usage in residential and commercial buildings.

Helpful Resources

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idronics™ is an educational journal series intended for hydronic and plumbing professionals to aid them in system design, component application and selection.  


Ask Caleffi Podcast

Kevin, Nick, Woody, Bob, Mike and Rex – have over 150 combined years of experience in our industry.  We are here to answer your technical support phone calls and emails.

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Coffee with Caleffi

The popular educational series, Coffee with Caleffi™, is an online technical training webinar and is intended for contractors, designers and wholesalers.

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Case Studies

Caleffi projects in the United States and Canada. Learn how our products overcome challenges from our customer’s point-of-view.

2020 Caleffi “Rep Of the Decade”


Dan Davis Sales Awarded “Rep Of The Decade” at the Caleffi North American Sales Meeting at AHR Expo in Orlando!

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