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We integrate solutions into innovative systems to improve performance. We believe that by providing complete solutions rather than just components we can offer you a level of indoor climate comfort that includes multiple performance optimisation benefits. Furthermore, we are here to support you with advice and guidance to ensure our solutions match your needs exactly.

Using advanced control techniques for HVAC systems they can be operated closer to the specification limits and in return obtain the highest profitability in terms of energy efficiency.

Accuracy is key in our thermostatic radiator valves. These valves ensure radiators operate optimally, enabling precise temperature control while improving energy efficiency via hydronic balancing of the entire system.

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Ecostyle Towel Bar

Perfect for adding a designer touch to bathrooms of all shapes and sizes, a tube style towel warmer that’s big on style and performance. Available with straight or curved tubes in white or with a chrome finish, the high-quality Crystal caters to all tastes and décors with outstanding results.


• Available in four heights from 33” to 70”
• Available in one width at 24”
• Can be converted to electric for use without hydronic heating by adding an electric element
• Available in straight and curved options

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