Who is Hydrolevel?

Hydrolevel Company was founded in 1965 by Michael DeLeonardis, an engineer specializing in steam pressure vessels. Through his vast experience with steam boilers, Michael became well aware of the shortcomings of float-type level controls. The moving mechanical linkage was often no match for the harsh boiler environment and Michael witnessed the costly and sometimes dangerous results of dry-firing a boiler. He began experimenting with improved concepts for monitoring boiler water levels.

By utilizing water’s ability to conduct electricity, he designed a non-moving electrode that accurately detected water within a boiler. The Safgard trademark was launched and production of the first probe-type low water cut-off was underway.

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Fuel Smart HydroStat 3200-Plus/ 3250-Plus

Low Water Cut-Off

  • Provides protection against potentially dangerous low water conditions when installed with the Hydrolevel Electro-Well™

Boiler Reset

  • Thermal Targeting – On-board microprocessor saves fuel by adjusting boiler temperature based on heating demand
  • Outdoor Reset Ready – Provides outdoor reset and warm weather shutdown with addition of Outdoor Sensor Kit

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